Performance FEES

Half day Storytelling

Maggie as Solo Storyteller.              £150.00

Musical Stories and Dancing Tales   £250.00


Full day

Maggie as Solo Storyteller              £250.00

Musical Stories and Dancing Tales   £350.00


45 – 50 min. Storytelling performance  

Maggie as Solo Storyteller               £60.00


Musical Stories and Dancing Tales   £130.00   


Storytelling with the Elderly

(30 – 45 minute sessions)               £35.00  




Workshop Fees: Children


Story Makers Circle

A Story Makers Circle session typically lasts approximately 45 – 50  minutes.

These can be booked as an individual session or as a series of three weekly sessions: Staff support sessions are also available by demand.


Individual Session:                            £45.00

Series of Three Sessions                    £120.00

Staff Support session. (2 hours)         £80.00


How do Bees Make Honey (children)

Early Years and Key Stage One** £75.00 (1 hour session)         

Maximum group size: 30 children

2 x 1 hour sessions**             £140.00                      


Key Stage Two                              £160.00 (Two hour session)  

Maximum group size: 45 children

Prices include materials used in sessions





(Professional Development for Adults)


Breaking Away from Print

Boys and Girls Come out to Play

Half day                                          £175.00

Full day                                           £275.00


Bookings over 20 miles distance: travel costs at: £20p per mile.

Concession rates for Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations by request.

Contact us to learn more about StoryRoots.


T: 01908 582757

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