Storytelling Sessions with the Elderly in Care Homes and Day Centres

The simple pleasures of a storytelling session with Maggie Weber


Once upon a time: storytelling involved families gathering together round the fire. They would listen with rapt attention or join in enthusiastically, as storytellers of every persuasion led them through a magical world of tales, fables, myths and legend, passed by word of mouth from generation to generation.


For many elderly people this may conjure up a picture of a lost past.


Happily the joys of storytelling are not lost in the mists of childhood. It is still very much alive, giving pleasure to people of all ages and stages in life.


An interlude of live storytelling is refreshingly welcome to residents in care homes and day centres: enabling the listeners to return for a brief while to the simple pleasure of becoming totally absorbed in the imaginative journey that engaging in a live story brings. 

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