'Boys and girls come out to play'  ... Taking music into outdoor spaces


This is an interactive, outdoor workshop to present ideas and inspiration for participants to engage with children in music activities outdoors.


The session includes innovative, large scale movement/activity to music, using natural materials as percussion instruments, adapting 'nursery favourites' to outdoor use and exploring music in nature.


The workshops are, ‘Breaking Away From Print: Taking Storytelling Outdoors’ and ‘Boys and girls come out to play' 


These workshops were inspired by Maggie’s own childhood of long days spent outdoors, with nature providing inspiration for creative storytelling and music, followed by a love of and further training in working outdoors with children. 


These components and enthusiasm provide the desire for both running outdoor music/story/activity sessions with young children and also in empowering adult learners with the confidence, resources and rationale to do likewise.


Maggie has been a registered trainer and facilitator with ‘Learning through Landscapes'.

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